Grief & Mourning

young man sitting on a couch with his hands on his face while a counsellor speaks to him about his grief

Reasons Why You Might Need Grief Counselling

It’s inevitable to experience loss at some point during our lives. The loss of a loved one is always a challenging situation to cope with. Everyone grieves differently. While some people choose to deal with the loss on their own, others prefer to surround themselves with friends and family. Many factors shape the way you…

man experiencing grief mourning

Grief During the Pandemic: How Remote Counselling Can Help

Dealing with grief is, and always will be, among the most difficult experiences that people can go through. Even the most resilient individuals and the strongest minds can become crippled by grief. If left unchecked, the feelings of loss, regret, hopelessness, and longing can become too overwhelming. It can lead to a whole host of…