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Interpersonal Difficulties in the Workplace

Workplaces can be stressful, especially when you work with difficult people. Workplace stress counselling can help. Are you currently having a disagreement with someone at the office? Maybe you work with someone who infringes on your personal space. Perhaps someone you work with is loud and annoying.

While sometimes it is important to report your fellow worker, such as in cases of sexual harassment, it is often left to us to determine how we deal with these difficult people.

In these cases, our Ottawa counsellors can help you. We can work with you to help you understand how to deal with these people in ways that don’t lead to more escalation. And we can do it in ways that give you lifelong tools.

Of course, difficult people have their own wounded side, and your job is to find ways of living with them, when necessary.

Counsellors Specializing in Workplace Difficulties

Perhaps it is learning to stand up to bullies, or learning to find ways to smoke out people who tend to carry out sneak attacks, or learning to encourage those afraid to speak up in life.

Whatever the situation, there is often an opportunity to change yourself, your actions and your beliefs to make the situation easier, and work more to your advantage.

Is this for me?

  • Someone is annoying me at work
  • I feel as though I may hurt him or her
  • This person is making my life difficult


If the above statements ring true to you, we can help. Contact one of our Ottawa counsellors using the tool on the right.


Workplace counselling services are often covered by your health insurance plan.


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