How Social Media Could Be Ruining Your Life – And How to Fix It!

Does your life seem boring, miserable or unfulfilling? We’ve got the solution! But wait, you say, how could you possibly have the solution right here in this mental health article? How could it be that easy? Okay, granted, we’re not touting this as the key to eternal happiness. It’s not a “quick fix” to make…


A New Year’s Resolution for Better Mental Health

New year’s resolutions. We’ve all made them. We’ve all broken them. Sometimes we wonder, “why do I even bother?” Understand that, like many things in life that don’t often pan out, new year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions. But good intentions aren’t enough. In fact, intentions alone, without a plan that’s followed through…

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Unlocking Motivation in Ottawa with Capital Choice Counselling

We’ve all been there before. You lie awake at night, feeling extremely motivated about your next day, planning everything you want to get done. You’re feeling so ready to tackle tomorrow that you imagine finally clearing out and organizing your closet, finishing that project at work early, and running all the errands you need for the week.…