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What to Do When You Love An Addict

Addiction takes many forms, manifesting in substance abuse, unhealthy sexual activity, and even seemingly trivial things like eating. While the way it reveals itself differs, all addicts share similar patterns of thought and behavior. One common characteristic of addiction is that sufferers have a predisposition to, whether they mean to or not, drain the life…

Legitimate Happiness

6 Secrets to Legitimate Happiness

Happiness is as extraordinarily simple as it is elusive. The answer to enjoying life is right in front of our face, so obvious that it hides in plain sight. Consider these 6 insights from Capital Choice Counselling to help remind you of the route to happiness you’ve probably known all along, but have simply forgotten:

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Unlocking Motivation in Ottawa with Capital Choice Counselling

We’ve all been there before. You lie awake at night, feeling extremely motivated about your next day, planning everything you want to get done. You’re feeling so ready to tackle tomorrow that you imagine finally clearing out and organizing your closet, finishing that project at work early, and running all the errands you need for the week.…

Ottawa Seasonal Affective Disorder, S.A.D

Banishing the Winter Blues – Dealing With S.A.D

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) is a term that describes our susceptibility to cyclical depressive periods during the fall and winter seasons. A product of genetic chance combined with the right environmental circumstance, S.A.D is a disorder prevalent in Ottawa, effecting thousands of people throughout the city. Getting through the winter is tough when you suffer from…

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PTSD in Ottawa – Not Just For Soldiers

Because they are such a large and often marginalized segment of PTSD sufferers, understandably soldiers and veterans get significant media attention. While it cant be denied that exposing the problem of PTSD in soldiers is a good thing, an unfortunate consequence of repeated exposure in the media, a degree of social blindness is created towards…

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Why Men Ought To Think More About Depression

In Canada, four women engage therapy concerning depression for every one man, and yet the CMHA reports that four men commit suicide for every one woman. Our culture brings many men to believe that vulnerable is a liability, and thus never admit to others, or sometimes even themselves, that they are depressed. Understand the social situation that men…

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Signs Your Relationship Needs Couples Counselling

Sometimes problems come up in our relationships that make us consider the possibility of relationship counselling. Two voices wage war in our minds. One tries to advocate the benefits of couples counselling, while the other tells us that our struggle is a normal part of any relationship. The purpose of this article is to provide an…

Ottawa Seasonal Affective Disorder, S.A.D

Bring Life To A Dead Bedroom

Married couples who suffer long periods without sexual contact will attempt to analyze and understand their situation, but often don’t have the objective perspective to do so properly. Their biases bring them to incorrect conclusions, leading them to act in ways that are not helpful to improving their relationship. Resentment builds, blame is cast, and…