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LGBT Youth Family Counselling in Ottawa

What brings LGBT youth and their families to counselling? If someone is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or otherwise identifies in the ever-expanding LGBT*TQIA+ acronym set, what issues do they face? And what’s different about those issues, as compared to anyone else who comes to see one of our family counsellors? While the LGBT (we’ll use…


10 ‘Tells’ of a Gambling Addict

Gambling addiction is a problem that quickly overwhelms it’s sufferer. Offering what feels like the path to escape, but only digging us deeper, most addicts find out they have a problem only after the loss of thousands. If you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from a gambling addiction, it can be tough…


5 Myths About Love That Are Hurting Your Relationship

As a culture, we have many strong beliefs about love and relationships. Many of which we do not recognize to be utterly flawed! False beliefs about love get in the way of our relationship’s, threatening the love they are meant to support! Identify these beliefs, and learn to change them, with Capital Choice Counselling.

Teen Addict

Substance as a Coping Mechanism – How We Develop Problems

Most addicts can trace their addiction back to a ‘first experiences’ that occurred in adolescence. The period after puberty is one of massive ups-and-downs. Powerful feelings, ones we’ve never had to deal with before, assault us on a daily basis. On a physical level our brains are in a period of massive re-development. On a personal…

Lying to Counselor

5 Reasons You Lie To Your Therapist, and How To Feel Good About Honesty

Studies show that as many as 72% of those who seek the help of therapists lie to them about therapy-related topics. Omission and deception prevents success in therapy, preventing a therapist from helping their clients from reaching their goals. Yet, from bending the truth, to omitting crucial information, to blatant misrepresentations of the truth; people…

anxiety deal with

The Two Faces of Anxiety – And How To Deal With Them

Everyone suffers from anxiety, some more than others. We feel it a little when we lose the 5 dollars we thought was in our pocket, and a lot when we think about our future. Coping with anxiety is something we all must learn how to do, but some struggle more than others. Maybe your feelings…